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The advantages of working with the Yollar monitoring system:

Reducing vehicle's mileage. By optimizing the routes, redirecting the transport stream according on the current situation, fleet reaches reductions of the mileage up to 20%.

Exception of the "human factor". Fleet management system prevents unauthorized use of company's fleet for personal purposes.

More efficient use of transport. Competent automated dispatching with real time control, provides an opportunity
to reduce equipment downtime and increase the load of freight transport.

Improvements the quality of customer service. Effective management based on continuous monitoring,
provides ability increase the response speed in customer services, to quickly resolve arising disputes.

Reduce fuel consumption by 30%.

Service and Warranty.

Depending on the task, system can be configured and programmed to cover any customer needs.
Employees of the company provides detailed presentation of the system to the customers and gives all necessary trainings.

All equipment is covered by warranty.
Equipment is securely installs by qualified engineers out of reach for the driver.

All installed equipment is sealed. Installation and service are produced both in Baku and in regions of Azerbaijan. In case of equipment failure, company guarantees to solve the issue within 24 hours from the report status.

Matrix Company provides a guarantee for information availability and safety in the database up to 2 years or more. Map and software updates on the server are performed every month, without system interruption.

In case of GSM network unavailability, all location information in GPS tracker stored in black box and uploads to the server when the device reaches the mobile network coverage zone; therefore disruptions in obtaining information related to GSM coverage are excluded.

Matrix Company provides an individual attention to every customer. The main company target is: to become the leader in GPS solutions integration and providing top quality customer service. Mutual trust and long-term cooperation - our top priorities.

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