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Matrix Company and Yollar.az brand was founded in 2007. During its existence the company has proved to be a reliable and competent partner in satellite monitoring and fleet management solutions integrator in Azerbaijan.

We provide technologies, which allow receiving in a real time, exact position and telemetric data from vehicles, mobile personnel, monitor fuel consumption, temperature conditions, additional sensors in vehicles and special equipment.

The monitoring system Yollar allows you to optimize the vehicles usage, reduce operational costs, automate your fleet management, increase the staff's responsibility and provide control of the cargo condition.

More than 6.000 vehicles are already connected to Yollar monitoring system and this number grows every day. Our customers and partners are large and small companies, as well as private individuals.

Matrix is a partner of leading GSM operator, and it takes all responsibility in data service availability and mutual settlement with the last, providing customers with high-quality service at a reasonable cost.

We use equipment of the world leaders in GPS / GLONASS technology area. A set of additional sensors and accessories will meet the requirements of the most demanding customers.

       Yollar.az Has all corresponding permissions and licenses.

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