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 Company Matrix is a solid command of professionals where everyone has all possibilities to achieve the purposes and to improve the professional skills.
     Technologies of satellite monitoring develop very fast rates, and the leader in the market of systems GPS of monitoring to be very uneasy. Therefore in our command those who thinks resourcefully are collected, works dynamically and who is ready to create innovations.
     Today in Matrix the best experts in the field of satellite monitoring, Web programming, cartography work. And we are proud of atmosphere of creativity existing at us and freedom when each worker can introduce the contribution to common cause and see result of the work. Magnificent ideas can arise in any department of our organization, and we have all possibilities that these ideas and further were realized. Probably, following remarkable idea will be yours?
     Company Matrix is interested in that the best experts worked for us and if you consider that your knowledge and experience will help us to strengthen in the lead positions among developers of systems of satellite monitoring – welcome to our command. We offer a worthy salary, a good package of bonuses and work in excellent collective. Please, send your resume in our department the  personnel : info@yollar.az
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