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GPS-satellite navigation system, allows in anywhere on the Earth and in any weather, determine the location of the object, to within a few meters.

Yollar Fleet Management System is a web-based multipurpose solution which using GPS and GSM technologies to determine the location of objects with a very high accuracy and give ability for real-time monitoring and remote management of connected objects.

The system is consists of two main components: GSM / GPS tracking device and monitoring web-server.

GPS / GSM tracker in vehicle locates the exact vehicle's position and sends in real-time, location and telemetric data to the remote web-server via GSM mobile internet. Trips, parkings, routes, visited streets, stops, engine hours and other information is also transmits to the web server by GPS unit. GPS/GSM device give ability to connect additional digital sensors (on/off) or connect existing vehicles sensors (door, alarm, etc.), and also unit can remotely start or stop engine.

List of additional sensors is varied. They include fuel level sensors, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, load sensors, angle sensors, volume violation sensors, and many others; also GPS Units have ability to install hands-free voice communication and key identifiers for drivers. All information sent from device is securely stored in monitoring system database on the web server. There is no need to install additional software to the customer's pc. The monitoring system is available from any computer connected to the Internet via advanced web-interface.

This web-interface allows watching in a real-time the movement of objects on the map, view stats and create detailed reports.  Reports in the monitoring system are based on editable templates. Each user can create a custom form of report that will meet its needs in the best way. Each report can contain any number of tables and graphs. The content is also user selectable.  Most reports in the system related to the "time periods" data extraction from the history of the object, according to certain criteria. These include reports on vehicle's travel, parking, engine hours, routes, visited geozones and streets, sensors information, speed violation reports, and more.

The user can receive regular reports from the monitoring system in automatic mode by creating a corresponding task. System will send scheduled reports by email.

Yollar monitoring also contains behavior notifications of the object (for example, speeding, location change, sensor activation, etc.). The notification can be sent to e-mail or SMS, shown in a popup window and be registered in the reports.

Yollar.az allows monitoring of objects moving on the route with the control points, which object should visit by the schedule. Web interface provide possibility to create routes for each vehicle separately and control the deviation from the assigned route, view the completed routes or routes with the status waiting for the arrival / departure, late or behind schedule. To see the cars move route, user can build a track by selecting the time period.  Simultaneously on the map can be shown several tracks, both for one car or for
multiple units. Functionality includes not only single-color rendering tracks, but also painted in different colors - to match the speed or sensor readings.

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