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 Yollar.az fleet management system is successfully used by:

Logistic Companies who provide international and domestic freight service. Installation of GPS tracking systems on trailer provides control the movement of driver on a given route. In case of deviation from the assigned route, management can draw conclusions about the driver's nontarget use of a vehicle belonging to the company (delivery of "left" goods), or notify about theft. The delivery of the "left" of goods is a major cause of delivery terms failure. Fuel control helps optimize fuel costs and provide significant fuel savings.
Construction companies. Route tracking of vehicles for construction materials delivery, controls the working status of special equipment, helps to identify unfair use of vehicles and theft of construction materials, use of Fuel Control System helps save fuel and other travel expenses.
The transport department of industrial enterprises. Delivery of products - monitoring the movement of vehicles, delivering the company's products, provides the ability to identify deviations from the route and prevent the unfair use of vehicles and theft of goods. Fuel control systems excludes unauthorized use of transport.
Fuel companies - identifying changes in transport routes for delivering fuel. Sudden changes in the fuel level sensors data, in points other than the location of discharge, indicates unauthorized fuel usage. Fuel control system ensure significant fuel economy due to targeted use.
Taxi service, ambulance, passenger transport. Obtain information about the nearest to desired address location of taxis and ambulances. Public transport routes tracking, stops, parking time and ETA.
And also in the public and private transport companies:
car rental companies
construction engineering companies
Private enterprises with a limited fleet of service vehicles
Security departments and enterprises
Cash Collection and courier service
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